Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis a season to be jolly HO HO HO

Guys, here's our x'mas tree for this year.
Its small lah, but mai hiam buay pai.
We can put our presents around the tree.
Are we doing Secret Santa? Whats the plan?
By the way, see that small little bag that is already under the tree? FYI - that's my early xmas present (Courtesy of S) . HURHUR. so it won't be around when the party starts.
Hear the bells ringing????
ITS PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SRA 2007

So the event has been over... well... 2 weeks or more ago.
But life with work and school had me spinning around in circles, and FINALLY, heh, a chance to put on the VERY LITTLE photos I had of the event.
All in all, it was my first SRA, and it was exciting...
Though there were certain parts that could be missed, but I kept myself entertained chatting with JH... over SMSes. HUR HUR HUR.

The 'I-look-fat-beside-JH' shot

Ahh.. that's better!

The 'S.H.E-wannabes'. Courtesy of Eve. :)

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