Sunday, January 11, 2009

Censorship = Responsibility?

A question posted to me for the miilionth time recently.
"Why don't you blog more?"
Don't get me wrong, I'm not just plain lazy (to a certain extent only).
I used to be an excellent, hardworking blogger. It was a daily routine, if not every other day.
I actually LOVED it. Documenting my own life, for my own memory keepsake if nothing else.
Now, I do self-censorship. "I shouldn't say this, maybe not that too. Aiyah, then got nothing else left to say already right?"
A wrong entry could cause public unrest! (Ok, I'm not that influential.) But at least it attracts people with teeny weeny brains hurling insults dripping with grammatical mistakes at me.
So now, its a chore.
I only blog about things that are politically correct.
So I don't blog anymore.
In fact, this is the most true-to-myself entry since a century ago.
*Pat on my shoulder.*

The Creator