Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May the force be with you, LEGO!

I finally found the time to complete my LEGO STAR WARS!
Upon completing the game, I realised I've spent more than 55 hours on my PSP just on that game.
I either am obsessed with the Force (which means I'm a qualified geek) or I just have too much free time on my hands (means I need to start finding more constructive missions to accomplish).
I choose to believe in the fomer...

Nonetheless, I decided to capture my moment of success. =D

Next mission: Grand Theft Auto
(I would have completed the game long ago if I could just learn to maneuver the damn helicopter...)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cantonese Part 2

I'm being a little ambitious... Ok... Maybe VERY ambitious...
Wanting to fly before I learn to walk.
You can be sure when I attempt this song in KTV the music is going to be REALLY loud...
Ha. Ha. Ha.

But how can anyone not like this medley??? The best of 2 biggest stars right now...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I have to admit this, I've always had this thing for cantonese songs, HK drama serial and movies, and of course, cantonese the language itself. Ironically, I don't speak a single word of it. Haha. I've always wanted to pick it up, but sadly, I can't even get the pronounciation right.

My attempts always make my cantonese speaking friends burst out in laughter.


I'd go "ge~ei doo qi~in...?"

But I try really hard learning to sing the cantonese songs. A few success stories, and during the ktv sessions, if the music is really loud and my mic really soft, I can actually get by without anyone noticing... hurhurhur. (I am really quite proud of that.)

So, this is my 'new' song i want to conquer, 'new' only to me as it is a really old song. But the lyrics are so damn fast that my tongue often end up in knots... I'm considering marrying a cantonese, just so that I'd have someone to learn the language with...

4/8 It's your birthday!

Here you go JM!
Let me know if its accurate. :)





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