Friday, October 26, 2007



Friday, October 12, 2007

SHOW (it to) MI

After the long long looooooooooong wait, it's finally happening, tomorrow at Singapore Indoor Stadium!!!
*Dancing around in trance*
I'm going to wear my best outfit, put on my best behaviour, and prepare my voice for all the screaming and shouting tomorrow night.
She is indeed the icon of successful HK female singers of her era, along with the likes of Anita Mui and Sally Yeh.
Sammi, 自从你默默的退出歌坛一阵子,我一直都在痴痴为你等,等待你再度复出。没想到,我们如此的有默契,终于让我等到了。这两年来的等待是值得的,因为再度复出的你仍然是魅力燃烧,站在舞台上依旧能够眉飞色舞。我知道,当你成功办完演唱会回国时,我会非常的舍不得你。
Ok, I'm hoping that she will at least sing all my favourite songs mentioned above.
I cannot contain my excitment anymore.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The zoo, a dinner and a very lazy dog

No no, its not a children's book. Just 3 chapters from last week's event.

Starting with the Zoo:

I think this is the first time I went to the Zoo, and I didn't see any animals.
But its for a very very good cause, so I'm very pleased with the day's event.
Sadly, this is all I have to show for my day... courtesy of Eve. (If not, I wouldn't have any proof that I was there at all. Hah.)

The dinner:
My first homecooked dinner! I did the steak all by myself, and it was only slightly burnt! (SMUG)
Had help with the mash and vegs, but overall I am very very pleased with the results.
I shall take a moment to behave like Britney Spears "OH MY GOD!!! I CAN COOK!!! I CAN COOK!!!" (Original: "OMG! I'M A FAT PIG! I'M A FAT PIG!")

The dog:
I have an extremely lazy dog. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to put her in the zoo if she doesn't get more exercise.
Bares no resemblance to the owner whatsoever. Not cool!

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