Thursday, July 31, 2008

31st July 2008: I'm 1 year old!

There are some certain days in a year that will mean a whole lot to each individual.
For some, its christmas, or new years. For me, its my birthday, and today.
Once a year, during my birthday, I feel so loved by everyone in my life that cares. Those gestures of love are not something one can replaced easily.

And today, the 31st of July, also made its way to my 'special days calendar'.
Because today is the day that I turn 1 year old, at Y.E.S 93.3
Time flew, and I went from a green horn to a... well... pretty much still a newbie.
So much has happened in the last 365 days, some were good, some were rocky, and most of it fabulous.
Initially it took a lot of getting used to. Getting used to public scrutiny, doing everything knowing that someone else may be observing you, and of course having total strangers hurling insults at you every chance they have.
Some feedback were constructive, some were ridiculous. At the top of my ridiculous list, someone asked me to die or go to jail so he/she don't have to listen to my voice on 933 anymore.
Honestly, that hurt. Initially.
Then, I thought to myself 'Damn, I'm new at this job, if no one else is giving you a chance, the least you could do is give yourself a chance.' And I did. And I'm so glad I did.
The past year had been nothing less than amazing. I've enjoyed every single moment of it.
I've found my perfect job.
I still have so much to learn, and I aim to push myself further and harder.
But all these would of course had not been possible without someone else in my life.
Someone who had been giving me chances, realizing my dream of becoming a DJ, giving me opportunities whenever she could. I can't express my gratitude enough.
Everyone has a 伯乐 in their life.
And I'm extremely lucky I've found mine.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hong Kong Tales

Hong Kong was AWESOME!!!
We were kept busy with eating and shopping..........
errr... I meant working. Seriously. It was a busy work trip.
The money spent was.. well.. ALOT by my standard, but well worth it I guess. (Apart from the 2 bloody left feet story)
In summary, the trip was very satisfying!

The press conference hall was designed to cater to Wilber's new song 转机, the banquet hall transformed into scenes you would see at an airport. The ushers were dressed as air stewardesses, and emcee as a pilot. HOT.

And then there was a 2-D flat airplane on stage. :D

Flat as it is, the plane door opens up and Wilber walked out from it. Quite grand. I was tempted to take a walk myself, but was too shy to ask.

I liked the runway, and photo whored on it quite a bit. Sadly, the pictures are not with me right now.

Wilber and an air ticket larger than life, or himself for that matter.
"Where are you going Wilber? Can I tag along?"

Up close and personal.

Upper, closer, and personal-ler.. or more personal.. with Hins.

And then we got bored in the cab on the way to the train station.

And then worse...

Oh! Introduction please! Alex/Junliang, the 933 winner that went to Hong Kong with me! I call him didi (弟弟).
Cute? Ladies, please take a queue number. This single lad has lotsa other ladies after him! (I think lah..)

Yes.. we were that bored...

The boredom went on to the train station...

Charlie's Angels, with some luggage.

Romeo and Juliet.. and Juliet's barang barang.

There's more pictures, but it's 4.22am in the morning and its time for me to rot in bed.

To be continued...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The story of 2 left feet

I've never been much of a dancer. So whenever people asked me to dance, or go for dance classes, my reply was always 'no la... I have 2 left feet. cannot dance one.' which pretty much means that I'm as clumsy as it gets when it comes to dancing.

I kinda knew this myself, but never did I expect a complete stranger to confirm this for me.
Being a shoe freak, everytime I travel, I'd bring back some shoes from the foreign land. The recent trip to Hong Kong was no exception.
I fell in love with this pair of Jack Purcell the second I saw it.

Jack Purcell Leather OX in Pearl White

And when I was getting ready for the 933 POTP street concert on Sunday, I took out my shoes, hands trembling with excitement, eager to wear my fabulous news shoes, I saw this...

My heart crumbled into a thousand million pieces right there and then...

Now thats SGD $90.73 down the drain. I know I can't dance, but I certainly did not need a stranger telling me that...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Perks of my job..

Tee Hee Hee...
Shuang dao...
He's such a sweet boy that all of us were so taken by him...
Tee Hee Hee....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Your Birthday!

I've received alot of requests for Its ur Birthday analysis.. but i've been a little busy lately so only have the time to update now. Enjoy! :)

6月16日 金钱投资者




6月24日 宗教热情





5月21日 眼光神准的人




6月28日 情绪激动





Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cure for insomnia

I've always had a mild case of insomnia. Which explains my really dark eye rings...
There are times when I can't sleep at all the whole night, and its seriously torturing. U can toss and turn the whole night, get frustrated at ur pillow, blanket, mattress, the noise from the streets, or even the faintest light seeping thru ur curtains, blaming everything in sight thats making u NOT sleep.
I've had a whole lot of experiences in the above mentioned.
But I think I've found a cure for my insomnia, at least it works for me.
I've recently started to watch documentaries before I sleep. Discovery, history channel, nat geo, animal planet. U name it, I watch it. And I've learnt alot! The history of Russia, China, how insects mate... And the best part of it, I fall asleep easily after the show.. :D so now, i'm gaining knowledge and sleeping well!
But of course, there are some documentaries that doesn't work that well.
Last night, I watched the FBI files on discovery. And it didn't end til 5 am, and it was so exciting i couldn't not watch it.
So I slept at 5am. BLEH.
So, my point is, choose ur 'before-bed' tv show wisely.

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