Thursday, August 30, 2007

艾薇 Vs Ivy

Ok ok, it's been 1 month since I've started in 93.3, and 2 weeks since the morning shift kicked in.
Am still taking some of time trying to get used to it, and the feedbacks had been mixed.
Thank you for your comments and feedbacks, I will take the constructive ones and work even harder on it.

Recently, there had been alot of questions on the use of my English name.
I actually don't know how it got started, but everybody called me Ivy, and I guess I just went along with it.
Some like Ivy, cos its easy to SMS/read. Some prefer 艾薇, cos it goes better in a chinese station.
I'm ok with both, cos essentially it is just a direct translation from each other.
I'm kinda torn between the 2.
And so, the battle of 艾薇 Vs Ivy begins.

Well well, that's not really Ivy nor 艾薇, but as long as I can get the point across... :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life, is not a bed of roses

Right now I feel that I'm waddling in a pool of mud.
And I might be drowning.
I need to find a way to survive, or at least float long enough so that I won't sink.
I know life is not a bed of roses, but at least give me one rose lah... I don't need a bed, one can already...


Monday, August 27, 2007

To a dear (and most talented, if you must) friend:

Yet another leaving us to pursue a great dream, unattainable to most of us who dared to dream it, and not have the guts (or the brains) to do it.
Don't know if I've ever said it to you, but I am extremely proud of you. And of course, unbelievably excited and happy for you.
The BIG apple will be tough, but I think you'd be tougher than that. You are the next survivor who won... A 4 YEARS SCHOLARSHIP!!! (Is that better than a million bucks?)
Amidst all the excitement, I'm sad you're leaving.
You'll be missed.

Like this:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

5am in the morning

Morning shift has started...
And I had been waking up at 5am in the morning.
My god I had not seen the 5am skyline (not much to speak of from my window) since secondary school.
I would blur-rily wash up, bur-rily leave the house, and blur-rily drive to work.
Then I would stumble into the studio, blur-rily read the papers.
7am: Show starts!
Adrenaline rush til 10am, and I would reach my brain cells quota by then. :|
I would have to make alot of adjustments to my current lifestyle.
That means no more late night mahjong sessions!!! (GASP)
Now that's going to be tough one.
Or I can start organising sessions in the afternoon. :D
Anyone else free after lunch time?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Techno Cock!!!

After a long looong loooooooong wait, I finally managed to catch 881 this week! (Been on the night shift lah...)
The movie awed me with its simplicity.
No fluff, no fancy sets, no unrealistic storylilnes in a picture perfect world. Just characters you might meet in your everyday life, leading the life of a true blue Singaporean, playing out a story that could happen to you, to me, to anyone.
Dazzling costumes so stunning you wouldn't take your eyes off the screen for 1 second.
881 connected to me like no other films ever did, dialogues that you actually hear in your daily routine. Just the other day, R said 'There are actual lines that my mom uses on me!!!' E.g. (In Hokkien: 太阳都晒到屁股了,还不要起来?!’)
It had me in stitches first half of the show, and tears in the second.
Completed with artistic camera works and brilliant art directions.
What else can you ask for in a movie?

Of course, my favourite character in the show, the Techno Cock!

If you are slower than I am, GO CATCH IT NOW! Its worth every penny of your $9.50!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Age Attack!

It took my 24th birthday to make me realise that I'm aging, that my metabolism rate ain't as active as before, that over-eating DOES matter now.
My youth is slipping thru my fingers, and all I can do is watch my fingers swell.
I am also suffering from a disease 'Sunday Bloat'. Stating the obvious, the symptoms are excessive bloating and swelling of body parts such as face, tummy, and on days that its just not your day, it'll probably be your whole body. (I blame this on my mother's wonderful cooking on every Sunday.)
I haven't had a good day for the past 2 months.
So now its goodbye to slim town and hello to flabby ville.
*Look of realization and resignation

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Octopus Dream

Waaaa... I co-hosted with superstar Mary today! Super honoured can! (She blushed when I called her that :P)
It was a whole lot of fun! Spices up your evening, bringing a brand new meaning to 'Nightlife'.
But getting used to the control panel is a whole new story. I wish I have 8 hands (like an octopus) and 2 heads (alien octopus) to handle it. I'd pray really really hard in hopes that god would bless me with the extra limbs. Fingers crossed.

Like this.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Superstar Mary!

And she definitely played the role tremendously well today for her new travel book launch at Suntec City.
Especially during book signing event, she was practically shining, like a star.
As new as I am, I was really excited for her too!
*200 rounds of applause!

In other news, my new shift has been confirmed, starting on 20.8.07. *Twirls in excitment.
But of course, it will not be announced til... well whenever it is announced.
And I am of course, overly excited over it. *Dances in trance.

And on top of that, I will be producing a brand new show, with mysterious guest stars. (No no, no telling until the time is right. ;D)
So stay tuned for more updates on that.

Friday, August 3, 2007


8月1日,正式加入Y.E.S 93.3FM 的大家庭了!

The Creator