Monday, January 28, 2008

Y.E.S 93.3 FM 庆18 有你同行, 什么都不怕!

A day of laughter, joy, and more laughter.
Because of CK and his beautiful outfit.
First of all, congrats to yellow team who the contest fair and square!
Secondly, BLUE TEAM, 我们对不起你们!But you guys are still the best!
I'm secretly hoping that blue team don't have to honour the 'punishment' of shooting the “败给你” video...

The look of our team: 咖啡王子. But somehow I ended up looking like PAP...

A group photo before show starts...

Then CK took a sudden liking to Liyi's nice long legs...

The invasion of the flinstones.

Our blue team that performed really well! Don't be sad, we try again next year k? We will do a super zai one!

Andy!!! The man responsible for the pictures!

Actually, eve has more pictures... but... as they are not the most flattering pictures... so........... haha.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last day

Last night was the last day of my school days.
I am dancing in joy of finally being able to get rid of my double status as a full-time worker and part-time student.
If all goes well (if I manage a 'pass' on every module), I will be a degree holder in March.
Celebration: teochew mui at Zion Road.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Speechless in Hong Kong (Part 1)

The holidays always go by too fast. 1 week in Hong Kong went by in a flash, and I can't get enough!
Although by the end of the trip, I had to come back to reality for the reasons below:
1. I have to work.
2. I think PF misses me.
3. I think Cruz misses me.
4. I don't have a visa to stay longer than 30 days.
5. I have no money left.
6. I cannot speak cantonese and very little people understood what I was saying.
7. I ran out of money to extend my hotel room stay.
8. I didn't try my luck at the casinos to win a million bucks that allows me to extend my trip.
9. I ran out of money to eat.
10. I almost had no money left to take a cab to the airport by the end of the trip.

Nonetheless, the trip was fanta-bulous!
The food was so impressive that I think I might need to find a sponsor help me lose weight... Marie France maybe? Then I can be Christie Chung's friend. Though my friend was not at all supportive "cannot... later u take photo with her you will cover her up and take up all the space in the ad."
Thanks ah...

Getting around in Hong Kong is quite a pain in the ass though as neither of us can speak cantonese, and thus, this trip is titled 'Speechless In Hong Kong' (spin off of 'Sleepless in Seattle').
S insisted on flaunting her 'cantonese private limited' though.

A normal conversation with a vendor would go like this:
S: (Pointing to a product, speaks in cantonese) 几多钱啊? (How much is this?)
Shopkeeper: $*&*&^%*&%^&R$%^%$ (Reply in cantonese)
S: (Confused look, in mandarin) sorry I cannot understand...
Shopkeeper gives a "THEN-WHY-TALK-TO-ME-IN-CANTONESE look" and replies in mandarin.
Me: Stand one corner sniggering away, entertained.

Pictures time! (Part 1 only... I'm not even done downloading them!)

First few moments in Hong Kong airport...

...was spent checking who has SMSed me during the 4hrs flight.

And we met a really cute baby on the train ride from T1 to T2

First meal in Hong Kong...

Spicy noodles (炸酱面)

Wanton Noodles (鲜虾云吞面)

The first meal wasn't luxurious, but its only the start...

The hotel room that bears an uncanny resemblance to our local Hotel 81...but costs 4 times more (I think...).
It's a 3 star hotel, seriously. But the location was great, can't complain.

My first Octopus card!

And then... the crazy eating journey begins...

We ate too much, as you can see. Seriously way too much. There were more food, but by the time all the food came we were too busy wolfing down the food to take photos. The egg tarts were exceptionally impressive. I exclaimed loudly "I've never eaten egg tarts THIS GOOD!" That is, until I tried the ones in Macau.

We ate so much we could barely walk out of the restaurant... that is until dinner time came...

The dinner sent us right to heaven. If I'm rich, I'd hire the chef to Singapore and make him my personal chef.
Seriously, its THAT good.

To be continued...

The Creator