Monday, July 30, 2007


A recent conversation with a close friend had brought up the issue of my sensitivity towards people around me, or rather, the lack of it.

A: You have the sensitivity of a blunt axe!

Thinking that it was one of those routined-meaningless-insult-hurling activity, I took no mercy in lashing back (all in good fun) at A without a second thought, completely unaware that it was an obvious hint that I had unknowingly crossed the boundaries with my insensitivity.

Which proved A's point absolute accuracy.

I apologise. I will work really hard at attaining a decent sensitivity awareness level.

Which could be hard for a person who's rarely in touch with her emotions.

But I will work at it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dream VS Reality

My Ultimate Dream

My Short Term Goal

(Imagine it 10 years older...)

My Reality

Reality is so harsh...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Its over~~~~

My holiday is over!!!
Time flew past, and all i did was blink my eye! Once! (Ok, maybe for 3 weeks.. but still!!!)
I had cultivated a habit of weeknight mahjong sessions and weekly Wed late night gatherings... outside Zouk... (Mambo lah...)
As excited as I am starting the new job, I'm still lamenting over how quickly... quietly... my holiday slipped away...
I'm still in shock. :|

On the brighter side, I found someone at work with similar interests as I do! The mambos and the mahjongs... *WOOHOO!!

*Stealing Cruz's line to express my excitment...

Thursday, July 19, 2007


How is it possible to miss someone whom you kept a distance from so that when they are gone, you wouldn't miss them?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gift of sight

The gift of sight is amazing.
The ability to wake up in the mornings, and able to see everything clearly immediately, not having to search around for your glasses, is indescribable.
As a patient who just went through a surgery on Tuesday should be resting at home.
Of course, being the restless 'itchy backside' person I am, I was unable to sit still at home.
After the training with WeiBin in the morning, I went out and had a whole day of fun which landed me in Zouk.
And it was gooooooooooooood! MAMBO ROCKS! (Even though I don't know any of the moves, I know all the songs!)
I just hope my dearest precious eyes would forgive my playfulness, and not act up...

Monday, July 9, 2007


I'm getting brand new eyes tomorrow at 8.30am!!!
Scared shitless about the surgery...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth 07.07.07

I'm going to start taking shorter showers, no more baths, and swtiching off unused electrical appliances.
I'm going to buy a shopping bag. I'll name it Fatty and start bringing Fatty to the supermarkets (almost never) and 7-11s (almost everyday). Fatty and I will be buddies, wherever I go, it goes.
Also, a proper water bottle (named Bubbly), energy saving light bulbs (not worth naming), maybe some motion-sensored lighting, and lastly, maybe, if I win the lottery, a bicycle (Named Monster Truck!).

To Do List:
1. Reduce
2. Reuse
3. Recycle

Its a small role to play, a tiny contribution to a greater plan. Afterall, we can't all migrate to stay with the Autobots if we really lose our planet earth, can we?
Its that simple.
I'm answering the call.
Are you?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Blues

I am suffering from Thursday Blue.
Because I have an exam tomorrow. 'Exam Blues' would be more apt.
It sucks.
I hate studying. Of all the things I hate in my life, exams and studying rank right at the top.
I never understood the purpose of examinations. Force-feeding you information that you almost never use when you step into the cruel harsh working life. Isn't it a complete waste of time???
I wish I can do this the old-fashioned way. Burn my notes and drink them up. I'd like them in vodka, so it helps my sleeping.
But I don't drink, and I can't hold my liquor. At all. Don't think going for an exam with a hangover is encouraged as well.
So, good luck to me, and spare me all your luck if you can, cos I'm gonna need a whole load of that.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The return of the 4-Eyed Monster

I am bursting with excitment, because FINALLY, after 17 torturous years of being short-sighted, having to fit a foreign object on my face daily in exchange for the gift of sight, I AM GOING TO HAVE MY LASIK SURGERY DONE!!!
Uh huh, that's right, no more glasses! I cannot find the words to begin telling u how excited I am. :D :D :D :D
I'm almost in trance.

Now, for the part I didn't know I had to go through before my doc's appointment and surgery, I am not able to wear my contact lenses. For at least the next 3 weeks!!! I grew up wearing spectacles, and I hate them. I'd flip when people called me 四眼田鸡, or telling me how blind I look with my glasses on. I am re-living the childhood nightmare now, and seriously, it decreased my self-confidence by half! And the fact that they give me a pounding headache doesn't help.

It's a price i have to pay for perfect eyesight for the rest of my life. And the first thing I'd do after I regain my eyesight, is throw my pairs of glasses, contact lenses and all the misc solutions from the highest level in my building.

Well, legally, of course. Down the rubbish chute. Cannot 高楼抛物 one, I know.

I can't sleep...

Because I'm worried sick.
Because I'm extremely excited.
Because I'm having my first official training at 933 tomorrow.
Because I have such high expectations of myself, and I am freaked out with the idea that I might let myself, and everyone who believed in me down.
Now I need a little ego booster... Or a sleeping pill might be easier to get hold of...


And I'm not just talking about the weather....
Courtesy of my ex company, I was given a free ticket to Christina Aguilera's concert!
And man! Those are really good seats!
And Christina Aguilera is HOT HOT HOT! Sizzling HOT.
Although we had pretty good seatings, the star was still the size of an ant to me. (But hey its free, so lets not brood over it. I was very contented looking at a hot hot hot ant.)
So instead of taking dozens of pictures that will portray her as a little white dot that does not do her any justice, so we took pictures of ouselves.
Well, at least our faces can be seen...
But my friend is too lazy to email me the pictures, so once again, its to be continued........

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