Sunday, March 29, 2009

Robbing for a fry...

Robbery doesn't seem lucrative at all.
But... thanks for the fry babe!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Way Too Fun!!!

You gotta check this out.
Peifen's first forfeit from the brand new on-air show Way Too Fun! In short, WTF.
Just because we like it.
On air every saturday 10pm on YES 933.
You may just fall in love with us after that.

And remember to check back regularly on our blog to check out new videos of forfeits we have to do.
Bleh... its my turn next...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It takes a dark long night to see dawn and the ray of light and hope it brings.
Its easy to succumb to the darkness and hide and lose yourself in it.
But once you take that baby step out of the cave you've been living in, a brand new world presents itself right in front of your eyes.
Its magical.
I guess this is what they call a 'miracle'.
Sometimes, you may even find a friend in the process.
A true friend for life.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The 25 Things

Everybody else is doing it, so why can't I?
Damn if I can think of 25 things to write about myself.

1. I spent the first 6 years of my life living in various countries e.g. Singapore,
UK, Taiwan, Malaysia. Hence... (leading on to 2)

2. I cannot remember the first 6 years of my life in a chronological order.

3. When I was a kid, everyone that babysat me before fears me. I was that much of a

4. I was told that I ate a cockroach when I was 2.

5. I have an extreme fear for cockroaches. (I think its related to no. 4)

6. I lied to my parents since Pri 3 when I told them I was studying in my locked room.
Instead, I lay on my bed and daydreamed about everything under the sun.

7. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grow up. I still do.

8. I dream a lot, literally. More than often, I have nightmares. Of monsters chasing
after me, serial killers chasing after me, Lord Voldemort chasing after me.

9. When I look at a picture of a group of people, I only look at myself. (I don't
think I'm the only one.)

10. I used to daydream what I would do if I won 1 billion dollars in lottery. I still
do. And I would get too excited and not be able to sleep after.

11. I started using a Mac because it looked so beautiful. Now I'm hooked on it and I
regret it a little. Cos its an expensive preference.

12. I used to do volunteer work at an old folks home when I was younger. I stopped
because one of the old man told another old lady that my hair looked like a broom
in Hokkien. I was standing right beside them.

13. I long to be a photographer but I take really bad pictures. And I like to be in
the pictures.

14. I have too many friends that my weekends are never enough to split amongst all of
them. But I love them all too much to give any of them up.

15. I can't believe I'm almost halfway thru this. This is proving to be a lot more
work then I expected.

16. I sometimes secretly wish that friends around me would stop getting married so
that I can stop giving out ang pows. But that doesn't stop me from being extremely
happy and touched (and sometimes tickled) when they read their vows and promise to
each other.

17. I own 7 thumbdrives. I can't resist buying thumbdrives whenever I'm at an IT show.
Its like a collection.

18. I own a PS3. And I'm longing for PES 2009. Any kind souls?

19. I wish to have my very own camera. Anyone?

20. I hated my ex boss. I still do. Sometimes, I'd drive by the area around my old
office area, and wish he would walk by and I can wind down my window and hurl
vulgarities at him. But I won't. Because I'm more civilized than he is.

21. I love my current job. Though I still get occasional Monday Blues. I think it
applies to all jobs in general.

22. I sometimes think that my collection of toys would wake up in the middle of the
night and go about their own business. But now that I work at night and sleep in
the morning, I know its not true. Or maybe they just wait for me to sleep before
they come to life...

23. I want to act in a musical one day. Or any theater productions. Though I don't
think it would come thru cos I have a really bad memory and can't remember all the

24. I wish that I'm friends with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie so that I can be invited
to their dinner parties and hang out with their kids.

25. This 25 things is so narcissistic. I love it.

The Creator