Thursday, March 13, 2008

XGJY now on Facebook!

As most of you might already know, XGJY has a new segment, XG tong xue hui!
We would love to have current students to join us, and share with us your student life. Cos I'm sure aside from all the studying, exams and mugging, there are exciting things happening in school as well! And we, wanna know all that. Be it new CCAs, new subjects, how are you coping with school work, or gossips (it may even be a bit paparazzi!heh heh..

So join us on facebook now!

See you there! :D

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


全新的弦歌寄意,现在让你通过弦歌 blog 点播歌曲!
将你的寄语,想听的歌曲,和想听到点播的日期留在留言板上就 ok 了。

Ok ok, if you wanna rush in a dedication on 10th March, and its too late by snail mail, go to Xian Ge Ji Yi's new blog, its really easy, just leave us ur dedication in the comments box, and we will try our best to read it out on that day!


That pretty much sums up what I've been up to.
With the new shift changes coming, I've been lucky enough to get my own shift (for 1 hour before JiaFa joins me lah...). JiaFa, seeing my keeness to try my hand at the control panel as much as possible has kindly offered to go on MC more often.


I sure am glad he was joking.

So so, new shift timing is from 9pm to 11pm.
I am glad to leave behind the torturous days of having to wake up before the birds, but I must say I'd miss the other 2, a little bit lah.

Either one of them left a packet of tissue paper on my windscreen today. Its a daily little game we play amongst ourselves. Mostly, its receipts, used parking coupons or pieces of scrap paper. But there'd be an occassional spark of creativity, e.g. a rubber band tied around my door handle.

I am wrecking my brains right now cominging up innovative ways to finish this game before I leave for my new shift. *Evil laughter*

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