Thursday, April 9, 2009

Double Jaws!!!

I'm on a losing streak.
On 'Way Too Fun' (Sat 10pm) and on 'Double Jaws' (weeknights 11pm)

I just keep losing everywhere!

Anyways, everyone is asking for the videos and pictures, so here they are. :)

Week 1: ChongQing puts on lipstick.

Week 2: Ivy disguised as hammerhead shark

Week 3: Ivy getting married... to no one.

Thanks for putting it on youtube!


jiaqing said...

ivy nevermind, make sure u make cq loss next week ok, i will support u. cause is super unfair u lost so many time already.!!!

Anonymous said...

u looked really nice in the wedding gown :)

Anonymous said...

I don't quite like the one where you put on wedding gown. I am speechless. Support you always.

sweetaudiodelights said...

OH MY, U HAVE CLEAVAGE AHHHH!!!!!!! *jaw drop*

Anonymous said...

don lose out, Chong Qing win quit few times...I remember " Auntie Lucy"....

Jia You~ Lvy

The Creator