Friday, October 2, 2009


1 out of 4 mammals are endangered.
1/3 of the amphibians on our planet is endangered.
Polar bears are changing their hunting habits that endangers their own life.
That's their last desperate measure for food.
Magnificent spectacles are disappearing right before our own eyes.
The ecosystem that is so vital to our very own existence is collapsing right in front of us.
It's heart-wrenching.
But we don't see it. Or do we choose to not see it.

We may never truly, fully understand the mysteries that lies in every single part of this earth.
But it is ok. For we did not create it.
We should conserve it. For the existence of our future generations may very well depend on it.

It just doesn't seem fair others have to sacrifice their entire population for our luxury.
Do your part. And start today instead of waiting around for others to start the ball rolling.
Do it before we, face the possibility of extinction ourselves.

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