Friday, June 27, 2008

Sammi Sammi Sammi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's finally my turn to do the POTP special this week. And I was so excited!!! because I'm doing one on sammi, my idol for 12 years.
I had really high hopes for it. Stayed back in the office til at least 3am for a few night just to finish it. and I think the hardest part of it is writing the script.
But as i was doing the special, it reminded me of why i liked her so much in the first place. Looking back at her achievements, I was so touched by all her efforts and hardwork.
And it was then I decided that I want to be like her, putting in all i have to achieve something.
I spent alot of time and efforts on it, and i almost pulled my hair out at some point in time. but i'm not sure if its as well as I had hoped it would be...
Listen to it, and let me know?
Sunday 2pm.

Would love your feedback cos i really really put in alot to make it the best I could... :)


imperfectionist said...

hi=)) is it okae if you can post the character of people born on 16june? i've missed it that dae. so sorri n to trouble u but thx=))

alexia said...

hi! =))is it okae if you post the characters of ppl born on 16th june? missed it that dae. thx! =DD

tong ying said...

hello ivy, do you mind posting up 24june's "its your birthday!"? my fren had his bday on dat day but he had missed it. hence, i hoped you could post it up pls? mayb it could be a pleasant bday present for him too. :D

*dun need to approve this msg, posting up the "its your birthday!" is enough. once again, thank you! :D

YC said...

Your radio special on Sammi was pretty well done. However it could perhaps be improved upon if u touch on a bit of the charity work that Sammi has embarked upon starting this year, with her recent trip to Laos with the World Vision organisation, to visit the Laos kids in a village etc.

Then another quite significant aspect in Sammi's life now is her placing greater emphasis and time on her religion, Christianity. She was baptised last year also.

And I hope you dun mind me saying ; there are some errors in the info that u presented on Sammi. The song " You Yi Zhong Kuai Le " is recorded for the child sponsorship program for Laos kids by the World Vision organisation. It's not for the Sichuan earthquake victims , as said by you during the radio program. The song for the Sichuan earthquake victims by Sammi's recording company, East Asia, is called " Zui Hao De Peng You " ( Best Friend ) and many other singers like Andy Lau, Denise Ho Wan Sze, Andy Hui , Miriam Yeung and other EA singers sing in this song, together with Sammi.

Since you are also a Sammi fan and like her so much, I suggest 2 out of the many Sammi online websites whereby you can get quite a lot of news and info about her. They are and

Maybe u oredi know these 2 websites. There are many more. Happy surfing and wish u all the best in your job !

honyi said...

Hi! I don't generally listen to 93.3, but I heard the full 20+ minutes of your program on Sunday because I'm an avid Sammi fan as well, and I like her for the same reasons that you do :)

Would just like to tell you that you've done an excellent job. Even though there were very minor mistakes here and there your enthusiasm and love for her more than makes up for it. And I can speak for all the fans at who have nothing but praises for you. Good job! Do join us on our fan web if you are able to, and jiayou at work!

SpyMaster said...

Thank you so much for your comments... I really really appreciate it, cos I was doing something I truly believed in.

Thank you so much for letting me know the errors in the show, cos I had gathered the info from all over the web. I'm actually quite upset the info is wrong... I was actually looking forward to send this to her when I'm done..

But I'll definitely make the changes and perfect it and then send it across to her.

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU for your feedbaacks! They really and truly mean alot to me... :)

Anonymous said...

just wanna say thank you for your tremendous effort in doing the program. i think you did a fantastic job with the script! i like how you introduced sammi.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your great job!!
love sammi too!

Anonymous said...

ivy now then i know u like too

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